Tamara T 1957 Chevrolet 210 2dr Sedan

1957 Chevy 210 Custom arriving ......

1957 Chevy 210 Custom

Way back in 1982 we were running around in a ’81 Mustang, four banger...It was awful...LOL. One day the husband comes home with this car and say’s to me...”the car parked in front is mine and I am keeping it!” OK...OK I said and kind of laughed to myself.

It had belonged to a little old lady who was being put in a home because of age and could not drive anymore. He even haggled with the fellow from a whopping $500 down to $400!!!  It had its original awful green on it and a crease on the front fender where it had been driven up against something and actually cut into. It had the original 283 and that heavy old power glide in it. I bet we re-built it at least three times (the powereglide) ...ugh!! This was our beginning of working on a car. Had it painted...drove it all the time.

We bought a house and the work began... it carried cement, as much as we could load in it...plywood, 2x4’s...you name it.

It got hit by a lady who was headed to her right and then turned left into us.

After the accident we started really working on it, first thing we did was to re-do the inside with a stock interior for the 210, then adding the 350/350...a ’57 Buick grille, American wheels, taking off the rockets on the hood... and (for me) the best part...ghost flames. The color is a Ford color (Bright Calypso from their ’94, ’95 series of colors. It now does the weekend thing and any show we can get to. Even entered it in the CCI Western National in Sacramento, CA back in ’06....1st Place in Custom Senior 963 points....much more than we ever thought it would get. Lot’s of fun though...... We prefer doing the local shows around the state for charity reasons.

I love getting into and heading out to a show....not for winning...but for all the looks you get from people who see the car and give you the thumbs up...best trophy anyone can get....and you don’t have to dust it!!!!!!

Happy cruising to all.......

Tammy Tresko


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