Stephen G 1956 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

1956 Corvette 50 years later.

In 1958 I started dating my wife in high school, she was sixteen, I seventeen. 1959 was the year that started my love of cars. It was a big change from my Mother's 1950 light green 2 dr. Ford, no it was more of a transformation. There were many good times in the Vette; cruising the streets of Seaside Park, NJ, drag racing my friends in their Father's cars, top down and moonlit nights with my girl. I had some new found friends that we called 5th wheels. High school was a blast. Now off to college, during which time the car was sold by my Mother; the car was taking up space and not being used. No cars on campus in those days.

So fifty years later and several collector cars I decided to see if I could find another Corvette in the same configuration as my original. Then I found it on eBay. Black with red interior, 3-speed, both tops and the most important item, the 265/240 racing motor, one of 111 offered in 1956 after Chevrolet dismantled their racing program, selling the leftover motors to the public. I called the owner and told him my story about dating my wife in the exact duplicate of his car while in high school in 1959 and asked him if I could buy the car before the end of the auction. He was sympathetic but stated there was a lot of interest in the car and it would be unfair to end the auction early. I thanked him for his consideration and put a bid in on the car. The next day I got an email from the owner saying he had told his wife about our conversation and after hearing the story she said, "you have to sell the car to that man", he did. I love his wife for being such a romantic. The rest is history.

Oh, by the way, we will be celebrating 53 years in August, my wife not the car.

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