Craig B 1937 Chevrolet Master 2dr Coupe

1937 Chevrolet Coupe complete $100

July 4, 1969 I was a 15 year old boy desperate to find a prewar coupe as my first car.

My father took me to Meyers Speedway often in the summer in the late 1960s and the coupes racing as modifieds and the show coupes we would see at the annual Auto Rama at Thanksgiving... plus Car-toons and Hot Rod Magazine... and model kits... well... I had to have one!

I was raised in Houston Texas so the local paper had dozens for sale in every addition in the antique and classic section.

My father humored me and we went to see at least 100 old coupes for sale. But they were all junk or had a Hemi and my father would say you'd kill yourself the first week.

Finally on July 4, 1969 my mother spotted another ad and my father called.

The sellers were running an errand and told us they would return at 5:00, but mentioned that the car was in the driveway so we arrived at 4:00.

This gave us an hour to look at the car without them interfering. There had been no price discussed but finally my father said "Well it depends on what they drive up in... if its a Mustang we cant afford it..."

Then we heard a pop pop coming down the street and it was a VW Bug running on 3 cylinders that pulled up.

After some dancing around my father asked "OK, how much?"

The seller got all huffy and almost shouted "Well I wont give it away... it will take at least a hundred dollars!!!"

It wouldn't run, but did the next day with new points, condenser and plugs. One front wheel cylinder was frozen, easy fix, and it had a new Texas inspection sticker.

I got my drivers license that December and drove the coupe to High School for the 2nd half of 10th grade and the first half of 11th grade.

I burned out the clutch so bought a 1957 Chevrolet 2 door Handyman Wagon which led to owning 50 57 Chevys and parked the 37 Coupe in the garage for 40 years.

It is now half built as a street rod. Sharing my garage with another 37 Chevy Coupe. This one was a Ohio Gasser from 1965 -1995 and is now a clean street rod.

When my High school coupe is finished the Gasser will be sold or traded for another 57 Handyman Wagon... and we will have come full circle.

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