Andy F 1975 International Scout

17 year old -- Wrecked on First Drive -- Not mine!

In the summer of 1984 I was 17 years old and a good friend of my parents came for a visit driving a fully original 1965 Mustang GT convertible, Silver Blue over White with a White top. Beautiful! The gentleman knew I loved cars and after giving me the tour and showing me under the hood he tossed me the keys and said, "Andrew, you'd look good driving this car. Take it for a ride!" You didn't have to twist my arm.

Remember how he had showed me under the hood; well less than a mile down the road cruising about 45 MPH the hood flies open and turns back over the windshield. As I slammed on the brakes I was in utter shock. After securing the hood back down I turned around not knowing how I’d tell him I just wrecked his Mustang. As I walked into my house I am sure the look was all over my face. To my utter amazement he was a cool as a cucumber. Not upset at all (at least outwardly). As he said, “It would have happened to me when I left.”

The balance of the summer I repaid him by taking care of his collection of cars (’62 & ’64 Lincoln convertibles, ’39 Lincoln Zephyr convertible, Boss 302 and some other great ones!). That is when I decided I was going to have a collection and always be cool about letting people drive them. You can always fix them or replace them, but a life lesson such as this has few opportunities.

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