Lisa V 53 chevrolet truck

EJ and Ol' Blue

I remember the day my younger brother, Eric who was 16, came running up to me with the Trading Times. He had found this truck that was local, and asked me if I could take him to see it. Being the big sister, and car person to, I took him. Inside this dark shed was a 1953 Chevy pick up setting on a 1978 Chevy Blazer frame, 2 tone grey, 305, 3 speed. He fell in love with it. We went home and he talked Dad into going in to see it. Well next thing I know, here he is driving that 53 down the road. Eric worked every minute he had getting that truck running. There was new glass, interior, motor work, rims, tires and finally the body work. A friend of the family had a body shop and allowed Eric to do the sanding and prep work at his shop. Our friends father even helped Eric, but could understand why he'd want that old truck. He should of gotten something newer. My brother didn't care, that truck was his baby. So after weeks of sanding and body work, the Bahama Blue 53 Chevy finally came home. Eric drove that truck everywhere and everyone knew it. It won the title of best looking truck in the county and pulled the Senior float. I remember helping him put new exhaust donuts on Blue every weekend. The motor had so much compression they'd pop right out. Right after graduating high school Eric was diagnosed with cancer. He had a tumor the size of a football between his heart and his lungs. The chemo was hard, but the minute he got home, the first thing he did was get in his baby, Ol' Blue, and go for a drive. Eric died 6 months later and Ol' Blue got put away in the barn. It was to had to look at everyday. Ol' Blue sat there for 15 years until my husband and I decided to get Blue out and bring it home. It still needs some motor and break work but it's home. The goal is to have Ol Blue road ready this coming spring and use it to promote juvenile and testicular cancer awareness.

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