Mike W 1967 Camero

Just coming back from the Woodward Dream Cruze

Saw this Camero for sale on the side of the Hi-way one day. It didn't have an engine, transmission or interior in the car. The car had been a drag car in it's later years, but was born with a 6 cylinder three speed on the tree. The rear end housing was cracked and leaked and the body needed extensive work. Just what I was looking for at the right price. I decided to build it "My Way" and not return it to original. The Body work was first, with most everything new, painted Chystler Poppy Red. A 350 Edelbrock performer RPM engine and TCI Transmission hooked up to a Moser 12 bolt rear end was a perfect combo for this car. Also, good stuff like Flo-Master exhaust, MSD ignition ect. were added. Now I'm enjoying taking it to car shows and crusing at Woodward and The metro Cruze.

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