Ron J 1971 Datsun 240Z 2dr Coupe

The Z That Became Family

It started with the purchase of a new 1973 240 Z, and I became a Z Car Guy. Then in 1979 I bought a solid 1971 240 Z which we still have today. This 71 Z was painted and pinstriped in 1981, and the exterior is untouched to this day. The American Racing wheels were purchased in 1973 for the first Z. The Eastman Kodak Co. sent us and the Z from Rochester, N.Y. to Chicago, to Minneapolis, back to Chicago, to Indianapolis,(six years as an USAC official for the Indy 500) ( Also many years with as an SCCA worker) to Boston, and we shipped it to the LAST stop in Tucson, Arizona. Here I have turned our three car garage into a Z shrine. (That’s what the Phoenix Z Club called it) I have collected all sorts of publications, memorabilia, and 430 Mini Z cars since the mid 70’s. We added a new 2003 350 Z which we still like new. The garage is my room, a place when I can display my over 41 years of Z Stuff. My wife always knows where she can find me.

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