Steve B 1957 Chevrolet 210 Wagon

Restoring the Passion

This is a story about two kids growing up in the heartland of America.

Back in the 60's everyone waited for the September when the new cars rolled out at local dealerships across the land. Excitement was in the air. Everyone was captivated by the stunning innovation in new car design and lined up to watch the unveiling at the showrooms. The ads on TV only added to the frenzy.

So, for two ordinary teenagers who just started dating and were just licensed to drive, the autumn spectacular was supercharged with anticipation. We made it a date and strolled through the local Chevrolet Dealer to drool over the latest models, the new engines and color schemes. We could only wish we were old enough to buy a fresh new Chevy. But that would have to wait. A new car was but a distant dream for teens going to school and working part-time.

Life happens, and dreams become reality very slowly when you are younger. The best we could do in those days was to save up and buy a used car. We found a locally owned 57 Chevy 2dr wagon with a worn out six cylinder and three speed trans. Our DIY skills were developed out of necessity with that car. We found a low-mileage 58 Chevy 348 "big block" and stuffed into the 57. What fun that was! For very little outlay (and no car payments) we finally had a piece of of the pie, though somewhat tarnished.

We used that car, and had great fun with it for a couple of years. We graduated high school and got full time jobs. Shortly thereafter we were married. NOW we could afford one of those fresh new Chevy's down at the dealership.

Life happens and other things become priorities, so over the years our passion for cars had diminished. New cars were less inspiring in the 80's and 90's, so we just drove ordinary cars to get from point A to point B. But that was about to change.

In 1996 after attending a local classic car show, we picked up an Auto-Trader "just to browse" for anything of interest and there it was. A 57 Chevy 2dr wagon! Our passion was instantly reborn from the wonderful memories of long ago. Over the years we've devoted countless hours of DIY restoration to return our 57 Chevy to like new condition (only better) and it has been worth every minute. Just sitting down and firing up the new crate motor takes us back to the showroom back in 60's. Today, every cruise in our 57 is like a ride in a time machine.

What fun it is to set out in a true classic to meet up at car shows in various states with our "car-guy" buddies from all over America! We especially enjoy the encouragement we get from other motorists as we cruise. The "thumbs-up" we get reminds us of days gone by when everyone shared their excitement back when cars were cars.

Today we always try to share that old excitement when folks stop with their kids to ask about our 57. There have been many 5 year old's who have had their picture taken next to, or sitting in, our 57. Maybe one day they too will be inspired to drive a classic of their own.

The passion is reborn!

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