Jerry N 1970 Ford Ranchero, GT, 429 Cobra Jet, 4 speed

Mazatlan Mexico honeymoon in Ford muscle car

My wife and I were married on August, 1972 in southern Colorado (and still are). I had bought myself a college graduation present in late 1969, a black 1970 Ford Ranchero GT with a 429 Cobra Jet, 4 speed, shaker hood, GT package, bench seat, power brakes, traction lock and 3.25 rear end. I found out later that only 202 were made with this engine and GT package. I was racing motorcycles at the time and that's the reason for the high rear end gear and the bench seat.

I had been in Mazatlan Mexico in 1968 with 2 buddies in a 67 Mustang 390 fastback and we decided to go there for our honeymoon.

We also had a 175 Yamaha in the back of the pickup for short sightseeing trips. Didn't go well early since I had kidney stone surgery on July 3 and still had a drain in my side. During breakfast in El Paso, before we ordered, we noticed that we forgot my medicine, so my wife offered to drive back to the motel and get it. She backed into the giant Holiday Inn sign post and put a dent in the rear bumper. Remember, we're still married almost 42 years later, but it was close there for a while.

Made it to Mazatlan with lots of fun experiences, like a broken down bus on a mountain pass and all the passengers our pushing it up the mountain. The Yamaha was fun as we would unload it and cruise to tourist sites like an old west set for a cowboy movie, waterfalls and such.

I got the standard stomach issues (Montezuma's revenge, whoever old Monty was), so I wasn't great company for a few days.

We also spent a day or two in San Blas, a small fishing village with a river boat tour to a secluded deep clear cool pool. Since we were in a black on black vehicle with no A/C it must have been a little warm, but we didn't know since we were young and in love. Come to think of it, we took the 429 to Vegas in July with my mother in law riding shotgun too and don't remember the heat.

Still have the 429 and it has 57,000 miles, still smells new. Only mods are: Ansen mags, air shocks on rear for carrying racing motorcycles and a thin rubber trim strip along both sides of the body to limit door dings. Had to do a valve job 10 or so years ago because I put some gasoline preserver in the tank and it froze the valves in the heads. Also had the Rochester carb rebuilt (yes, a GM Rochester came on 429s). All good now.

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