Larry S 1978 Datsun 280Z 2dr Coupe

Earth, Wind and Fire

When this car was born, there was an iconic R&B group also emerging called, "Earth, Wind, And Fire". The two are inextricably fused by their properties. The original owner was a cardiac physician, a Captain in the United Stated Air Force, and he had the car with him while on duty at Clark Air Force Base in the Phillipine Islands. This was during the time when Mount Pinatubo erupted. It covered the car with volcanic ash, and the Captiain's insurance company was going to total the vehicle. He had the car meticulously restored and included

the flared fenders, air dams and side skirts and a custom two-toned paint job, then shipped it back home. He then purchased a new 1993 Mercedes just before he recieved orders to move to Germany. He was told he could only ship one car so his wife, a nurse at the VA where my brother worked, sold it to my brother. In 1999, while parked in his garage, the first recorded F5 Tornado with wind speeds of 318 mph rendered total destruction for over 70 miles, ripping every structure in it's path to the ground. It came within three houses of my brother, then changed course, veering about 15 degrees more northerly than it's previous track, spariing both my brother and the Z. He sold the car to me in 2005. Two years ago there was a huge fire that burned hundreds of acres and spread several miles. The winds were relentlessly blowing 40 plus for days. We were evacuated for two days. The fire came within 3/4 mile from our house (we live in a totally wooded area near a state game preserve. So you see, this little Z has endured earth, wind and fire.....just as the music from that great little R&B band has endured.

God, I hope we don't have a flood!

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