Rick B

Welcome Home

After being stationed for two years in the United Kingdom I was eager to get back to the life of the good-ole United States. I even kissed the ground when I got off the freedom flight back in the U.S. Before I had left I purchased a 1982 Z/28 Camaro from a special order company in RAF Mildenhall. Once back in the U.S. I was to pick it up in Chicago. My mother who was quite glad to see me said that she wasn't going to let me out of her sight so we hopped on the plane in Louisville Ky and flew together to Chicago to pick it up. This was likely one of the first 82 Camaros in the country and the dealer I picked it up from had not gotten delivery of one yet other than the special order. It was a stick car and it had been awhile since I had driven a stick so we genderly drove it to a mall parking lot and practiced a little. It was like riding a bike, something you don't forget. We got back on the road and headed down a great drive to Southern Indiana. It was a fun time catching back up with my mother and familiarizing myself with the new car. A cruise I will not soon forget.

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