Constance J. M 1965 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Viva La Mexico con Americana Vacation Summer l967

My newly purchased pre-owned l965 Mustang Convertible in Tropical Turquoise drove a friend and myself

deep into Mexico during the Summer of l967 from San Francisco to Bahia Kino.

"Little Blue" was my first car! And I was 26 years old! I had always dreamed of owning a convertible and my

favorite color was Turquoise.

We did not have a lot of money but a lot of "get up and go" and adventure was on our minds!

We slept on beaches, we drove through the Sonoran desert at 100 miles an hour, and we swopped out

hot beers for cold ones along the way at little cantinas with dirt floors and some of the people had never seen

a gringo before!!!

We had no particular destination but travelled through the city of Hermosillo and overheard a patron of

a bar mention a way out of the way place beach called Bahia Kino. No tourists. No gas. But very


So off we went not knowing how far or how long.

We arrived at the one and only motel. Lucky for us with our limited Spanish the motel owner

was American and his wife was Mexican, so we could converse. Oh, my into the night with

Tequila and stories.

In the morning we awoke early and took a swim in the blue shiny Pacific Ocean. It was about

7am and some local fisherman were fishing for shrimp...for some reason they capsized their little

fishing boat (ah, too much Tequila maybe)...

My friend who was a strong swimmer rescued Francisco. Needless to say we Gringos were

their best friends. They treated us to a wonderful shrimp dinner on the beach along with

my first turtle (tasted like chicken).

Alas we had to end our idyllic week away, but those are wonderful memories of my first

vacation in "Little Blue."

I still own "Little Blue" after 48 years. Bought it in San Francisco from an auto dealer

for $2,388 on July 6, l966. Still have the original invoice. I have never restored, repainted

or redone anything. Any minor repairs are original equipment. It has been garaged all these years and we drive it lovingly on sunny days!

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