Bob S

From Atlanta to Arizona

In December 1991, I decided to visit my parents who were spending winter in Mesa, Arizona. So, I took inventory of my spare parts - oil, spark plugs, tools, etc. - and packed them up in the car along with a small suitcase. The spare parts took most of the luggage space behind the seats and I placed my suitcase on the passenger seat.

Away I went on an almost 1900 mile trip in a 1967 Corvette convertible. Maybe I was a little crazy. Because the carburetor was worn out and running rich, I had to change spark plugs frequently. It took me almost 4 days to get there but I made it. I had help from truckers along the way who hid me from anyone who might be interested in issuing me a speeding ticket. We communicated using our CB radios, and both they and I enjoyed talking about my classic Corvette.

I stopped in Dallas to stay with an old friend and we enjoyed a nice ride and a great dinner together.

I think the scariest part of the drive was going through west Texas - Pecos and El Paso are pretty desolate places and I can remember praying for a gas station up ahead more than once.

The Corvette and I made it to Mesa and had a wonderful visit with my parents. The drive back was uneventful. The car ran very well and, of course, I drove even faster on the way home. Friends and family thought I was crazy to drive such an old car across the country but the Corvette and I did it and had a great time getting there and back.

It's amazing how reliable these old cars can be if you treat them right. I kept that Corvette for 12 years and then sold it and bought another 67 - a 427/435 coupe! What a car that was. But, that is another story.

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