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A Weekend of Spontaneity

One Friday afternoon during the Spring of my 5th Grade year (back in the 1990's), my father had an appointment with his Optometrist. My father's prescription at the time was very expensive, so my parents knew that they needed a good bit of money for his glasses. However, during this visit, my father's prescription did not change.

On the way home, my mother asked, "Would you guys like to go to Ocean City, MD for the weekend?," which caught my father and I by surprise. We thought for a moment, and we both said, "Yeah, lets go!" When we got home, my father had to go back out and work for a few more hours. During that time, my mother and I arranged for a hotel room, packed clothing and food, etc. About 7:00 P.M., my father came home. My mother and I had already packed our car, a Dodge Caravan, and we took off for Ocean City, MD.

We stopped for dinner in LaVale, MD before heading on to Ocean City. I fell asleep along the way, but I remember asking my parents to wake me as we drove around Washington, D.C. and before driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (not to be confused with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel). We arrived in Ocean City, M.D. around 3:00 A.M.

Before checking into our hotel room, we decided to get something to eat. When we walked into the restaurant, I was caught by surprise when the person seating and serving us was my former student teacher from earlier in the school year. Yes guys, she was attractive ;) After catching up and eating, my parents and I went to the hotel and checked in. We didn't sleep very long before getting back up and cramming in as many activities as we could into that Saturday. We slept well that night before heading back home on Sunday.

Sadly, we lost my mother to the incurable disease known as Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis back in 2006. I have many fond memories of the trips and other activities we did together, but that weekend to Ocean City, M.D. is definitely one I shall never forget ;)

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