Gregory M 1976 Mazda Cosmo

Rotary Engine Dead Battery

One morning I drove to a remote location for a hike. Encountered morning fog on the drive and turned on headlights as well as fog lights. Parking area is a field facing down a steep drop off.

Turned off the head lights but forgot about the fog lights. Upon returning from the hike I found the battery dead. No phone, no one around, in a remote location. Did not attempt to drift car forward and catch manual transmission in gear because of steep terrain ahead of parked Cosmo. Hummm..... Having worked on rotary engines all my life I know they turn easily by hand. I Removed and tied two boot laces together , set choke on, key to on 1st position , manual transmission in neutral and park brake on. Cosmo has a extra accessory pulley on engine front so I wrapped the boot laces around it a few times and gave her a pull........hummmm goes the rotary.

Now I carry a small length of rope in the trunk and rope start the car at car shows for those unbelieving as to how smoothly a rotary operates.

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