mark w 1951 Chevy panel truck

10,000 mile test drive

second running car owned-ever.

first car was a free 1951 chevy truck missing a few things-still have it-still missing things.

second was a 1952 (rare) LONGBED halfton GMC which I drove for 17 years as my mostly main vehicle supplemented only in later years by my 1951 panel truck...

So I had my truck-loved it but always wanted panel.

in 1993 I finally found one-body only, no front sheetmetal, no frame, sitting ON the rear fenders on the ground with the front A pillar destroyed. oh-and I bought it from Charles Bronson(not that one-but funny!)

Dragged it home. looked at it for 2 years before buddy Frank came with sawzall and told me, "me or you" He cut it.

replaced firewall with one from good truck cab(across windshield posts, across floor)

Stole frame out of truck(same frame)

grafted on camaro subframe, camaro rear axle, used 305 SBC/700R4

Drove it to town to get glass, drove it back to town to get mufflers,

Then in 1996 with 50 miles on odometer, misc tools, parts, clothes, a bicycle, credit card for fuel/food, and an address book I hit the road with no plan.

10,000 miles, 2 1/2 months, and 26 states later I had slept in my panel 4 times, been towed once(for faulty wreck yard HEI module), gotten one ticket for 55 in a 65 in ID($56) and visited friends and family all over.

Fun times;

-in TX-messing with motor, forgot to turn on IGN switch while cranking and electric fuel pump running. Finally turned it on and blew BOTH mufflers completely WIDE open. Muffler shop said they never saw such destruction.

-75+MPH in NM passing a honda with old people right when my HEI started acting up-cut in/out and then backfired... they drove off road in fear!

-driving from 30 min south of Springfield MO to Castle Rock, CO in 12 hours including 3-45 minute stops for food and fuel... yes-thats 900 miles.... do the math for speed....LOL

-incredible sunset driving through WY

-getting E-coli in CO.... heck of a visit with my uncle...

-driving so fast through NV in the middle of summer that the stereo shuts off on thermal protection and having a sheriff pass you and give a nod... while you are already doing 90MPH...

-being able to legally go 124 MPH in a rig you built and have nothing go wrong


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