John M 1995 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 2dr Coupe

She picked em up

While today's car is a 95 T/A, the story is really about a 1966 GTO. The year was 1969 and I was working for a cleaning company. We were waiting for a restaurant to close so we could start when a waitress (Pat) walked in and asked who the GTO in the parking lot belonged to. I said it was mine and she said I should take her for a ride sometime. Long story short, we went out the next night and have been together ever since.

We were both still college students when we married in 1971 so the GTO had to go in favor ouf a more econmical car. Pat was as disappointed as I was but we agreed to replace as soon as we had a few extra dollars. Well, life happened: ahouse in 1974, first sone in 1977 and the second in 1980. Priorities were very different then but our love of cars never left us.

As retirement age approached, we decided to begin looking around for a "cruise night" car. Nice GTOs were priced out of the range I wanted to spend on a toy that can only be used a few months a year, living in Connecticut, and then only on a few days a week. While attending a weekly cruise night which routinely attracks 500 to 1,000 cars, Pat spotted a sharp Trans Am that was the color green she loves. We saw a "for sale" sign so we took a flier, intending to call later. Before we left, we stopped by again and the owner was there this time. When Pat saw him, she immediately recognized him as a neighbor we saw infrequently. We talked with him, set up a test drive for the next night (Tuesday),had the keys on Wednesday and it was registered on Thursday, in time to enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

Pat is definitely a "car girl". She doesn't miss a show or cruise night. I wish I had taken of picture of her on a lounge chair by the pool in the Bahamas reading car magazines on a recent vacation. We got some strange looks!

The GTO brought us together and now we enjoy its little brother together. We attend weekly cruise nights on multiple nights and enjoy rides throughout New England when weather permits. The car is dependable, and the previous owner is always checking to see if I need help with anything. We belong to a couple Fierbird clubs (Charter Oak Firebirds and Pioneer Valley Firebirds) where we have met many new friends. So I guess you can say I met Pat because of the GTO but the Trans Am has intorduced us to many new friends

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