Michael P 94 H-D FLSTF / Fatboy

Improvised motorcycle electrical charging system

While I and a small group of friends road to a biker party in West Palm Beach from St Petersburg ,Fl . A friends H-D would not start and found the wiring connector plug going from the voltage regulator to the internal charging system on a motorcycle had come loose and melted off the electrical terminals coming from inside the the primary drive housing causing his bike to stop charging the battery . We bought a heavy duty type 12 foot extension cord and cut off the ends and secured them from one motorcycle to another and we where able to safely ride back to St Pete. Keeping both bikes within 10 feet of each other and used the cutoff ends to use as a quick way to unplug and reconnect the 2 bikes just in case to make sure both bikes could ride apart if needed for any reason . We all got home safely and he could replace the inner wiring assembly in his own garage saving him from paying to have his bike hauled home or having to get it repaired at by a shop in West Palm Beach ,which saved him the time and money lost if he had to miss work and pay another shop to remove the primary chain housing and replace the charging system inner field wiring assembly and put on a outer connector retainer that keeps the plug tight by the oil filter on his Harley .

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