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How to Economically Seal Your Bug

My first wife and I, poor college students, each had old VWs. My 59 Karmann Ghia had to be retired for burning so much oil, you'd suffocate driving it. Thus, her '60 Bug became our only car and our only affordable transport to tell here parents we intended to get married, we in Fort Collins, Colorado, her folks in Lenexa, Kansas. Don't know the mileage, but it was for us "cross country." So equipped with $10 recaps, we hit the road. Got great gas mileage, but needed to add oil about every 100 miles. At our arrival in Kansas, the fends and rear lid were coated with oil about half way up to the window.

Her little brother, an aspiring mechanic at the local K-Mart, figured we could fix all that leaking. So we took every part off the engine we could, without actually taking it apart and replaced all the gaskets with.....pieces of Meadow Gold Milk cartons. It was really good cardboard in those days.

We topped up the crankcase and added a can of STP.

Wife to be and I headed back to Colorado....using only one quart of oil! Wish I could have been there when the next owner took that engine apart....

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