Jim I 1968 Mercedes-Benz 220 4dr Sedan

Fixing a fuel pump in the middle of the Sonoran desert

The fuel pump went out on our 1968 Mercedes 220 as we (whole family) were headed for Mazatlan Mexico, in the middle of the desert. I told my wife that it wasnt a big problem because Mexico maintains a fleet of "little green trucks" that serviced tourists in broken down cars, and Mercedes was a common make in Mexico so they would have a fuel pump. "We are not in the middle of the Saharan desert." I told her. Several hours later, after seeing only a few starving cows, I told her, "I think we better get ourselves out of here." I found her shower cap and made a diaphragm out of it, some dental floss tied it to the shaft and finger nail polish sealed it around the rim. We went on to Mazatlan and all was well. I scoured the automobile parts shops for a fuel pump and, finding none, went on about our vacation. I forgot about the repair, and two years later I sold the car. I wish I could have been there when the mechanic opened that thing up some years later when it next failed.!.! That flowered shower cap material would have been a big surprise.

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