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A Simplee Lesson Young People Hadn't Learned About Cars

OK, this story is not about my Porsche or an actual repair. It is a story about starting a car with an old man's knowledge. My young son and three of his friends were stuck at a rest stop when their car wouldn't start. My son called me for help so I put together some tools, jumper cables, etc.and headed to the rest stop. When I got there, I got into their car, to see if, perhaps, I could start it, when I realized the car had a manual transmission. I put the transmission in first gear put my foot on the clutch and told my son and his friends to get behind the car and push. In just a very few feet the car was rolling pretty well under the young men's bread power, so I let out the clutch and the car started immediately. The young men were amazed and I'm sure never forgot that lesson regarding dead batteries in a car with a manual transmission and four healthy young men..

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