David L 79 Jeep Cherokee Golden Eagle

Stuck in the woods

I was deer hunting in my 1979 Jeep Golden Eagle. While driving down a back trail I was thinking how good this auto was in the mountains. It stalled. After trying to get it started for a while and dark was setting in, it seemed like wasn't getting fuel. So I decided to bypass the electric fuel pump and splice the fuel line direct. I couldn't find a tube to do it though. It was getting real dark outside and I knew my young sons would be wondering where I was back at camp. As I was foraging in the back seat for a straw or something I said a short prayer, leaned forward to get out of the 2 door and noticed the screw on door lock. I unscrewed it, cut off the end, spliced the fuel line and ran it like that for months before I got back to fixing it right. That was 20 years ago, I still have the Jeep and the lock cap. We use the Jeep for snowplowing at our business.

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