Bob L 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 4dr Station Wagon

Roping the broken generator

In the early 60's coming home to Binghamton NY from a bluegrass festival in Berryville Va , we were coming up rt 81 hear Scranton Pa when the generator light came on from our 283 V8 powered pristine red 4 dr Belair wagon.

Pulled over and popped the hood to find one of the cast generator brackets had fractured causing the generator to droop losing belt tension. My immediate concern was cooling , not electrical , so after a bit of pondering , I found some clothesline rope in the spare compartment and managed to regain some belt tension by tying the generator body to the master cyl housing .

Back on the road the temp would rise indicating the cotton rope was stretching and mandate stopping and re tensioning the rope-----long story short----we made it home OK !

B Lindsey

mech eng retired

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