Luke S

Impressing my Dad

Years ago, when the family got together for a Sunday meal, my little brother was about to head back to college in the 1981 Delta 88 that I used to drive. As he was about to drive off, we heard a squeal under the hood, so we had him pull around to the shed. When we popped the hood, we found a cracked alternator bracket and a worn belt. Under load, the alternator would wobble and throw the belt, and my brother was simply putting the belt back on with the crescent wrench in the glove box. Dad was about to give my brother his pickup, fix the car with a new bracket and drive 8 hours round trip to swap vehicles. I told him I could fix it, and while he doubted me, he let me try. On the end of the bracket was a metal tab with a hole in it, and the block had an empty accessory hole near the oil pan. I found an old piece of angle iron, drilled it, chopped it, and bolted it to the accessory hole, then ran a piece of 3/4" all-thread (who knows why Dad had it) through the two brackets and sandwiched the brackets with nuts. It was very ugly, but the bracket was solid as a rock. Dad was surprised and impressed, and my brother drove that car for five years until the transmission died, and parked it out in Dad's stable of retired autos. And that repair? Yep. It's still on there.

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