Shawn M 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 2dr Coupe

I almost made it...

I took my 4 yr old out for an evening cruise at her request. The last mile and a half of our journey back home takes us over a long uphill pull. About half-way up the Chevelle starts surging and then cuts out, but comes right back. Then it shuts off completely. Done. Luckily there is a decent berm on this hill and I had room to pull completely off the white line. Alright, time to troubleshoot. It's a '68 Chevy, not a 2014 so it should be simple, right? Spark, check. Air, check. Fuel, well now there's a problem. I noticed the fuel filter was empty. My first logical guess was fuel pump, because the fuel gauge said I still had 1/4 tank left. I just happen to have a spare back at the house...that's only a mile away at this point. Suddenly all 47 friends that I communicate with daily disappeared. I sent a dozen text messages and made two-dozen phone calls with no replies. Of course I called my wife who was home, but no answer from her on her cell or the house phone. Great. Well I have one of our children with me, if we sit here long enough she'll start calling me, right? Wrong haha. We sat alongside the road, a mile from home, in a yellow '68 Chevelle for over an hour. Dusk came and went and it’s now completely dark and thoughts about just tossing the kid up on my shoulders and walking home are now gone. Only one person stopped. Luckily, it was someone I knew who graciously carted me and my daughter home. Turns out the house phone was unplugged and my wife left her cell in the car. On any other day those two things would have never happened at the same time. Next, the text messages start flooding back in. I had a buddy come up and take me and some parts back to the car. I swapped out the fuel pump in seconds, still nothing. At this point I was starting to wonder about the fuel gauge and was it really out of gas? It's only been in service 46 years, seems hard to believe right haha. Well plan B involved a washer fluid jug with a gallon of gas and some extra fuel line I had lying around. I plumbed my makeshift reserve tank to the fuel pump and bunji-strapped the jug to the battery. It sat perfectly on the frame rail between the battery tray and the radiator shroud. After all I only needed to go one more mile. We fired it up, checked for leaks and then beat the pavement headed for home before it changed its mind and shut off again while we were still on the uphill portion. My daughter managed to sleep through the entire thing, so this will end up just being another one of dad's stories haha.

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