Samuel M 1/2 ton apache

Get It Going

In August of 1965, I went into downtown Dallas late one afternoon for a job interview. I was driving my 1961 mercury Monterey. This car had never tolerated hot weather well and the 110 deg heat in stalled traffic quickly produced radiator temperature near the boiling point. I was making little headway toward getting to my destination and realized I was going to be late for my appointment if I did not do something different.

I noticed a parking lot on my left that had quickly emptied by people heading home for the day. Realizing I was only about three blocks away from my destination, I drove into the parking lot and walked the rest of the way to my appointment.

The job interview did not take long. I did not get the job but realized I did not want it anyway because i would not have liked coming into downtown Dallas every day to work..

Returning to the parking lot, the lot was empty except for my mercury and traffic had cleared. I started it up preparing to leave. I had not made it off the lot when the engine died and would not restart. I realized it had vapor locked and that I had a problem. The temperature was still around 110 deg F. By this time there was nobody around to help. I noticed a cold drink machine in the back of the lot. and I was quite thirsty by this time. I went to the machine and bought a pepsi . A swig of the cool drink gave me an idea. I raised the hood and poured the remainder of my pepsi on the fuel pump. The car almost started...but not quite. Fortunately I had enough change in my pocket for a second pepsi. The second pepsi poured on the fuel pump did the trick and I was away home.

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