Verle R 1969 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Winter repair along the road.

We bought a 69 Corvette new in November 1968. In February of 1970 we took a vacation and drove it to Las Vegas, NV, about 1200 miles one way. We started back east on I 40. Somewhere west of Flagstaff, AZ there was a sudden cloud of steam from under the hood so I pulled off to see what was wrong. I found that the A/C belt had rubbed a hole in the lower radiator hose. So we were an unknown distance from Flagstaff, mid afternoon, cold and no coolant in the radiator. There was snow on the ground. After letting the car cool off for a while we started piling snow on the engine, putting what we could in the radiator. Remember, this was long before the day of cell phones. While we were piling snow an AZ highway patrol cruiser pulled up behind us. He came up and watched for a minute then asked what we were doing. After explaining he asked if we wanted him to call a wrecker and we declined. He had told us it was about ten miles to Flagstaff. We started down the highway carefully watching the temperature gauge and costing down hill with the engine off. We stopped a few more times to pile snow before making it to Flagstaff and a Chevrolet dealer before they closed. Of course they did not have a hose but could order one. It came in two days later and I "let" them install it. I then installed a shield made of a small can with both ends cut out and on side cut so I could get it on the hose. That can stayed on the hose for the next 30 years.

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