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What a Weekend

I bought a '55 Chevy Bel Air 2 door hard top in the Spring of 1962. I was in high school at the time. After graduation, in Oct. 1963, I enlisted in the US Air Force. After basic training in Texas I was then sent to Biloxi, MS for tech school. I was able to bring my '55 Chevy to Biloxi in the spring of 1964.

A buddy and I were going New Orleans one Saturday night as he had gotten us dates. Well, as we rolled into New Orleans late that night the car died in the middle of an intersection. We pushed into a gas station lot and tried to figure out what was wrong. After checking several things and found nothing wrong I decided to "hot wire" it. So, we went on our way to meet the girls. We didn't get to their place until early in the morning. Then, I accidentally locked the keys in the cars, which was still running because it was "hot wired". So, with the use of a coat hanger I finally got the door unlocked. By this time it was time for the girls to go to church. So, while they were gone we slept for a while. When the girls got back we had lunch and then had to head back to Biloxi.

The return trip was uneventful except the car still had to be "hot wired" which was okay. But when we got to the base and went through the gate, the road went to the right to go around the runway. When I downshifted to second and I let off the clutch, the pedal stuck to the floor. So, now I'm driving a "hot wired" car with no clutch. I told my buddy I hoped no one got in my way. We made it to the parking spaces in front of the barracks and pulled into one and hit the brakes to stall the engine, which it did. At least we made it back safely.

In 2007 I found a '55 Chevy Bel Air 2 door hard top, the same color as my first one. It didn't take much to convince my wife that I wanted to buy it, beings I had a "project" '55 that had been in the garage for over 2 years and I hadn't done anything to it. So, I bought the finished car and sold the project car. We are having a lot of fun with the "new" '55.

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