Tony V 1990 Isuzu Pickup 1/2 Ton 2dr Long Bed Pickup

Truck meets rock - rock wins!

My 1980 Isuzu Diesel PUP has over 320,000 miles (odometer got stuck), and many miles off road

going and coming from Boy Scout Camp Wolfeboro in CA Sierra's. That U.S. Forest Service road was hell, but years of hard work have improved it fro it's former bongo days. Well, a few years ago I was in camp and I backed up onto a piece of granite that tore a torsion bar loose. I didn't know

that had happened, because I was stuck on that rock. When my friends came to pull me off of it,

there were metalic sounds and pieces on the ground, then I knew it.

My emergency repairs were courtesy of one of man's greatest inventions - nylon - Arbortape is a

product sold to tie young trees to stakes until they get established. With approximately 900 lb strength, plus a little flex, I wrapped and tied the tortion bar back into place. Next I jacked it up

for inspection. None of us had a clue about car repairs, and so I asked my friends to follow me

up the mountain in case I got stuck. Everything went find in first gear, so after dumping off my

ballast of logs for traction uphill, I hit the highway. I was pleased that the white steed ran up to

70mph feeling and sounding normal. The guys caught up to me in Arnold and good friend Harold

shook his head and said "anybody else but you would be dead!" We made it home, and I was

really happy when my mechanic put it back together for only a couple hundred dollars.

FYI: This old truck has hauled 2' dia 7' logs stacked as high as the cab - only on the flat ground.

When I saw that truck commercial towing the Space Shuttle I knew my truck could do that.

Tony Verreos

Verreos Insurance Agency & Hagerty Agent, CA

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