Bruce C

The visible gas tank

My son and I were out in the country about ten miles from home when the electric fuel pump stopped working. Ordinarily a few taps on it would get it going again but not this time. We rummaged around in the trunk and found two athletic drink bottles. We drained gas into both of them.

I then removed a length of the windshield washer hose. I drilled a hole in the lid in one of the bottle lids and inserted the washer hose. I connected this hose to the fuel line feeding the carbs. I duct taped the bottle to the bottom of the windshield with the hose running under the edge of the hood. I started a siphon and started up the car. Off we went! we had to stop once to refill the temporary gas tank, but made it home without further incident. I swapped in another fuel pump and all was well again.

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