Noel R 68 C-10 1/2 ton Fleetside V-8 327 C.I.

Speaker Wire and a Flat Tire

My son and I were in my 68 C-10 one day and had just gone to the car wash to get some of the oak pollen off of it that had accumilated. We decided it was a nice evening to take the long way home so off we went. It wasn't long into the journey that I felt my truck pulling suspiciously hard to the left and I was in the fast lane. I got the truck over to the right hand shoulder in front of a big open hayfield, jumped out and, yep, just as i thought, a flat tire!! I had only had the truck a few months and had been working on it a little at a time, never even checked the spare, i did have the original jack and handle under the seat where it belonged though. I called my nephew because I had been to his rescue a few times so figured he owed me one. It was later in the evening and the tire shop that was no more that half a mile in front of me was already closed. I could not find a nail or a puncture anywhere so I figured I would pump some air to it to help determine where the leak was. He came right away with a compressor full of air. We filled the tire that was still on the truck and found that my valve stem had a hairline crack in it, I must have caused this with the brush from the car wash. Now with a no spare, and no tire shop open I had to come up with a way to keep that air in long enough to get home, I had no duct tape or bailing wire, the typical fix it all devises so I pondered for a minute and then thought... I have no speakers and a non working radio...but I got speaker wire!! I pulled a piece from behind the seat out of the channel in the rocker panel up to the dash and went to work. I wrapped the speaker wire aroune the valve stem, went around the hubcap in a clockwise direction then went around the valve stem again and went around the hubcap again in a counter clockwise direction. NO HISS!!! We put a little bit more air in and drove the remaining 15 miles back to the house and didn't loose a pound of air until I got home and popped the hubcap of, it went flat almost immediately. We joke about that all the time now.

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