Art W 1933 Ford Model 40 2dr Coupe, 3-Window

Oh Sh--!!

On way to a Rod Show in Bloomsburg, PA. Friday afternoon passing through a high traffic area, I was third or fourth car in line of many. We stop for a traffic light, when it changed to green, pressed down on the throttle, car lurched forward and then nothing. The engine was running but no throttle response no matter how many times I pressed on it, with just enough forward momentum to clear intersection I got the car off to the side. Opened the hood only to fine the throttle cable was toast. It had broken in side the sleeve half way from the carb to he foot peddle. Now what? 60 miles to go no way to patch up the cable and no phone and nun in sight. A few minuets into worry an other fellow going to the same show stopped. Oh thank you!.

He obviously did not have a spare throttle cable, But came up with some clothes line rope. We tied a not in the end pulled it through linkage on the carb removed the old throttle cable form the fire wall the whole was just large enough to thread the rope trough. We finished the trip with a hand throttle of sorts.

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