BILL S 1955 Ford F100 Pickup


About 50 years ago I had a 55 Ford F100 pickup Y block V8 3 Speed.I was horsing around reving through the gears and there was a loud bang.A fan blade had broken off , dented the hood bracing and put a tremendous hole in the radiator. I nursed it home on what water was left in the radiator. I used pliers to squeeze off the leaking radiator tubes as best I could and I took the fan off the water pump. When I put water back in , it still leaked a lot so I poured oatmeal into the radiator , It expanded enough to plug the leaks. I was a starving student and lived from paycheck to paycheck . I drove it for a couple weeks with no radiator cap, jugs of water in the bed and I always had some oat meal. If I kept out of traffic and moving it wouldn't overheat without the fan. I even had someone ask me why my truck smelled funny "like oatmeal".

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