Mark W

Never Trust Your Hoist

I was trying to put the finishing touches to my 1937 Dodge coupe after some major updates. I was lowering the car on my 2 point hoist and not paying attention. The car had the front clip off including the front wheels when I felt the hoist shift, the post on my side had lowered about 3 feet but the drivers side had not unlocked. The car slid on the passenger side running board to the post by me. Three of the four arms slid off the frame and were in the air, the fourth arm hooked the lip on the drivers side running board and was the only thing holding the car in the air. The rear of the car was pointed up and about eight feet in the air, the front end was about 2 feet off the ground. I could teter/toter the car with 2 fingers. Carefully I put the front wheels back on and then holding the car I raised it back to the full height of the hoist. I walked around the car holding on to it and pulled the release for the left post and then pulled the right side release. I successfully lowered the car to the shop floor. The car is my first car I bought back in 1971 and has had multiple motors, interiors, and paint over the last 40+ years. Currently it has a Chrysler V-8, cruise, AC etc. The paint is Dodge Patriot Blue with silver ghost flames. I took the running boards off and brought them to a body shop and they felt they could be saved. I then called Hagerty and received excellent service and they covered my loss. I do not know why my left hoist post failed to unlock, but I now pay close attention every the car goes up and down.

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