Damian C 1968 Dodge Dart 270 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Making Memorys with my kids

Ok June 2014, My sister asked to have my kids (16yr old Girl and 15yr old Son) go to Myrtle Beach SC with them on a vacation to be with cousins. My wife and I said great cause we couldn't get the time off. The catch was I we would have to get them there. We live in PA. I looked at the dates and said to my wife the Hot Rod Power Tour will be in charlotte NC that weekend. My wife said your on your own go make some memory's. LOL So we did. I took my 68 Dodge Dart 6cyl a/c car (a/c not working car) for the road trip. We left the house about 1:30am and headed to NC. Only about 2hours into a 8+ hour trip driving through the great state of Maryland I hit a pothole in the road and ripped the exhaust down. LOL The kids are sleeping. I love the sound but I have people beeping at me cause there was a shower of sparks coming from under my car. I pulled over and put the nearest Walmart in my gps.We went to Walmart where I purchased a chain for hanging lighting cause the automotive section had nothing I could use. I went out side tried to use my jack but it was missing a part. I go back into Walmart purchase a cheap floor jack (a one use only for $50 bucks cause I tried to use it again but all the fluid leaked out into my trunk) jacked up the car rigged up the muffler and went on. the kids woke up after I let the car down for a few seconds. LOL We drove to NC visitor center for a bathroom break just to come out and see other cars going to the tour and seeing my car with water all over the ground spewing from my radiator. LOL I love this story. My kids were worried what will we do. So I get some water from the center took out my wrenches and took the thermostat out filled the radiator and off we went. We make it to the tour just to find out we have to wait on line for our registration packet even though I preregistered. People we not happy that even though we preregistered we have to wait and that there was no line for walk-ins. My son not a car guy said what else is going to happen. So we stay for a few hours cause I still have to get them to SC then drive home. We get back in the car. I take them out to eat cause I didn't have an over flow can so the car was getting hot again. After an early dinner I buy a 2ltr bottle of soda and use that for my over flow. LOL It worked. I get them to Myrtle Beach and go to pull in to the parking garage the ramp and the sidewalk were at a point and took out the hanger I made about 350 miles ago. LOL Sorry I love the time I had with my kids. The next day my car was leaking water from a hose that had a hole in it now. My uncle that was there took me to an auto parts store for a hose we also bought a small piece of exhaust pipe, clamp and a muffler repair kit. (that by the way the repair kit has a warrantee LOL ) . we go back to the parking garage only to have the security guy tell me I cant work on my car in here. I was done by the time he came back. That afternoon I took my 68 Dodge Dart with all its band aids and we made it home with no issues. LOL My kids were laughing when I told them I just turned up the radio and just cruised home. My wife was worried but I wasn't cause I my Haggerty Insurance with me and said I'm good. I never used it but it's good to know if I needed it I could have. So that's my story I hope you enjoyed it . My kids talk about this story with their friends like it was a mission I made them go on. LOL Memory's I love them that's all we have cause when we go we can't take any thing with us but our memory's and that's what we could leave with others. That's the stuff that can't be divided, lost, stolen or sold. Make them while your here and can. It's not hard to do.


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