Ben L 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Improvised Repair

One evening about 20 years ago I got a call from my mother she was out with a friend when his 1988 or so BMW 320i broke down and thought to call me because I was "handy with cars". They were close to home at a gas station so I just needed to do something to get them home. When I got there the Bimmer was steaming. I opened the hood to find that a small hose fitting had broken off the thermostat housing. It left about a 1/4 inch hole in the housing. So I thought for a second about how I was going to plug the hole while I was looking at the gas station and saw the lotto sign and it gave me an idea. I went inside and "borrowed" one of the little lotto pencils. I then sharpend it a bit more with a pen knife and stuck it in the hole in the housing. I theorized that the hot coolent (I know that sounds goofy) would expand the wood of the pencil and it would seal the hole. So we topped off the coolent and started it up it worked! They were able to get the car home whout overheating the engine. I thought he would get the car fixed the next day or so and that would be that. I found out he drove it like that for over a month!

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