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Fixes, broken throttle cable

1969 firebird convertible, (Burnt Orange Metallic, 350, auto) many moons ago (1980) I was out on a date in Hollywood Ca. to see a movie with a cute young thing and as we were headed back into the valley via Laurel Cyn. my throttle cable snapped. I was 19 at the time and things like towing coverage were unknown to me. Fortunately I was able to remove one of the wires running to the rear speakers and connect it to the carb linkage. So, back under the hood and over the windshield and with a loop at the end I had a hand throttle. It wasn't very elegant but it got us back to Eagle Rock in time for a late night chilli burger @ Tommy's before I had to return Heather to her fathers care. A happy ending to a fun night. Heather and I were a short lived item but we reunited online a couple of years ago, still a cutie. Wish I could reunite with the car too....

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