Patrick O

Desperate Road Repairs

I was out in Northern North Dakota decades ago.. I had put a hotter cam in the 327, so it really liked to wind up.. I normally shifted at 6000 rpm when going all out.

I am out with a pal showing off for him... Rev it up.. shift through a few gears.....Then alternator light comes on... we stop.. oops.. I threw the fan belt. (67 was the last year for the alternator high and out...a long belt) I carried a few basic tools, so we put it back on.. and I TRY to take it easier... A bit later I am only turning about 5000.. alternator light comes on again.. We pull over... Only this time I had broken the belt! I had no spare, and we were15 miles from the nearest town.. If you know North Dakota, especially before cell phones.. it is a quiet.. lonely place when dead on the side of the road.

After lots of talking and scheming, we make an alternator belt with some twine I had..carefully frayed and overlapped the ends, and connected it together with "re-bar" tie wire, then covered the joint with electrical tape. Happy to say it worked going the 15 miles-- at like 30mph tops.. and no more that 2500 rpm.. and I always carried spare belts after that :-)

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