Tom C 1970 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Chewing Gum and The 351 Distributor

September 1970, northbound on the Autobahn, outside Kassel Germany, enroute to pick up my 1968 Triumph GT6 from the port at Bremerhaven. The fellow pilot I was riding with was taking his 1970 Mustang to Bremerhaven, to ship it home at the end of his tour.

About half way from Mutlangen to Bremerhaven we had been running pretty much flat out for the entire day, when the Mustang's 351 sputtered and died. After coasting over to the side of the roadway we popped the hood and had a look. All was right with the wires, and cap but, the rotor had split in half under the stress of the high RPMs for such a long period. My friend did not have a spare rotor so I took the broken rotor out, chewed some gum till it was good and sticky, stuck the two halves together, put a rubberband around the base, and put it back. She missed a little, and we had to keep our speed down some, but we made it to the next US base where we got another rotor from the auto shop.

I can't recommend this approach, and if it had not been a cold September day, I doubt the gum would have held up without melting down into the dizzy and causing even more problems. Nevertheless, improvise and overcome.

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