Hank M 1941 Cadillac Series 61 Fisher Deluxe 4dr Touring Sedan, 5-p.

Bread Plugs Oil Leak - 1941 Cadillac makes 200 mile trek

Our '41 Cadillac, "Gertie", made the Bug Tussle Trek again in 2013. But not before an unusual last-minute repair.

By bedtime the night before, Gertie was cleaned and fluids topped and ready to go. Ah, I thought, no late night mechanical stress this year. As I got ready to lock up the house for the evening, I decided to carry some water bottles out to the Cadillac. AARGH! A large pool of oil was under the car! Well, there went early bedtime. Shortly thereafter, I was under the car trying to plug a pretty good drip of oil from a pin-hole in the metal of the oil pan. Not a hose or fitting, the hole was in the oil pan metal itself. I knew I would need to clean the oil off, sand the paint down, and apply some epoxy or seal. But I could not get the oil to stop dripping. I first tried rubbing a chunk of candle wax on the area, and that briefly worked to plug the invisible hole. But the oil drip came back quickly. What to use??? Guess what worked? A piece of bread! I smashed a piece of bread onto the leak area. The oil stopped, I sanded the area, it remained dry. I then applied head gasket sealant to the area, and come morning, we set out, and during the day successfully rolled 220 miles in the blazing Texas sun. No oil leak!

Bread! For real.

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