David R 1974Cruise Air by Georgie boy

A Georgie boy summer

It was the summer of 1976. Some friends and I rented a 32foot Cruise air by Georgie boy. We were going to go camping in style on Cape Cod. The rig was almost new but had seen some very hard miles up to this point.The trip started out easy enough. We packed all our stuff inside and filled the fridge with all the goodies we thought we would need. Now to hit the road.The folding dining table was the first thing to come apart. But no matter we didn't need that bed space anyway as long as we could use it as a table we were aces.The first camp ground was Roland C. Nickerson State Park. Maybe on of the most beautiful parks I had ever seen A beautiful clear lake for swimming and everything was great until we had to park in the camp site. The road was very narrow and had a steep drop off on one side. While backing in to the site we almost lost the rig down the embankment when the edge of the road gave way. But a little quick thinking and a heavy foot on the gas and all was golden again. As we left the park for our next stop all of a sudden we here a big noise and the muffler was gone. After going back and picking it up we wondered what to do. So two empty soda cans or maybe they were beer cans and a couple wire hangers and we were going again.The rest of the week was uneventful until we were on our way home. It was raining a little and the wipers were starting to wipe very slowly and the lights were getting dim.A whack to the alternator with a BF hammer and all seemed to be ok.Later as things were not ok we ran the battery dead. So seeing that there were two batterys we swapped one for the other and off we were again or so we thought.A short time later battery number two was dead. After some thought and looking around we found a third battery attched to the on board generator.So we used that one and got as far as the Connecticut state line before it too had almost run dead. As i pulled to the shoulder to see what we would do one of my friends turns on a light in the back and that was too much draw and the motor quit for good. So we packed as much of our stuff in to my buddy's Firebird and left the rig by the side of the road. Needless to say the renting agency was not too happy to here where the rig was and that we didn't have time to flush the waste tanks. They wanted to charge us for towing and cleaning and repairs. But a call to the DMV and consumer protection and we got all of our money back. It was a great week anyway. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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