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1949 Mercury Convertable Road Trip Problems

About 1959 or 60 I went on a road trip with my brother-in-law to pick up a load of furniture. We were in Florida and the furniture was in Long Island. We borrowed my brother’s 1949 Mercury Convertible complete with towel rods to hold up the windows (hydraulics leaking) and leaky top. Trip to New York went OK with my brother-in-law and me driving. We rented a trailer, loaded the furniture and we were off. The brother-in-law immediately caught the flu and spent the remainder of the trip lying on top of clothes that were stacked on the back seat. Coming down a hill somewhere in Kentucky a rod started to rattle so I pulled over and took out the spark plug for that cylinder to relieve the compression (it caused blue flames come out the tailpipe at night-Nice). The next day low gear gave out so it was 7 cylinders and take off in second. In Georgia we started to overheat so I bought a 50 pound block of ice to put in front of the radiator. Brother-in-law still sick. We hit the Florida state line doing 35 MPH on the freeway and continued at that pace for several hundred miles to St. Petersburg. I was 16 years old at the time. There’s more to the story but those are the highlights (my older brother was not happy about his Mercury!).

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