Jim W

Where's A "Clip" Joint When You Need One?

I had just finished taking the LSATs (No, I never became a lawyer), and got back in my 1978 Plymouth Horizon (Woot-woot!) Pulling out of the parking lot I got the four-speed transmission into 2nd gear as I approached the traffic light at the corner. But when I went to down shift...well, let's just say the gear shift never felt so light to my touch. This was scarcely odd because because it was no longer connected to anything! A simple little retaining clip had broken, and as result my Horizon was in 2nd gear, and in 2nd it would stay. With a 30 mile trip ahead of me, my prospects of getting home were not good if I couldn't make some kind of on the spot repair. Fortunately, there was a paper clip lying on the floor (Doesn't every car have a paper clip or two, a couple of pennies, and some other flotsam and jetsam on the floorboards?). Squeezing under the car I found that a paper clip made a great after market replacement part for the Horizon. It not only got me home, it lasted another five years (Actually, it outlasted the car itself, which was totalled when it got t-boned by a Caddy.). But I've never been able to find any paper clips in J. C. Whitney. BTW, never had a car that has gotten better m.p.g. than that little Plymouth!

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