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Hagerty Insurance Woodward Dream Cruise

Hagerty Insurance,

We represent the Shrine Catholic Grade School and Academy Dads Club. The Woodward Dream Cruise is our largest yearly fundraiser, allowing us to provide extra-curricular activities and sports program to hundreds of our students. In 2013 Haggerty Insurance rented our 12 mile and Woodward lot for the Woodward Dream Cruise. Based upon our conversations with several of your Marketing and Events staff it was viewed that the event went well and we spent time discussing additional option that we could provide for the event in 2014.

We initiated conversation in January with Michael Hoar confirming our rental arrangement for the Cruise of 2014. He initially asked how much the rent would be for just the Woodward lot , not including the back parking. We immediately responded with a cost of $8000. His last correspondence was in March when he stated that he was going to a meeting and would have a response within a few days, but based upon our tax exempt status that all would be well. That was the last correspondence we have had from Hagerty Insurance.

We have attempted countless time through email and text to get a confirmation or denial from Michael Hoar and Hagerty Insurance. Unfortunately, it has fallen on deaf ears. The Woodward Dream cruise is less that 2 months away and we don’t have an answer from Hagerty Insurance and the likelihood of us being able to secure another car club or renter is almost impossible.

We realize that you are not likely renting from our Dads Club, we trusted you too much. However this lack of communication is unacceptable. We rely on this fundraiser to provide our kids with after school activities. Without it we will be forced to cancel many of our yearly events that benefit our kids.

That’s all it would have taken was a 2 minute e-mail letting us know your plans. I am hopeful that you treat your customer with better respect and communication than Michael Hoar and Hagerty Insurance did.

Thanks you for your time and consideration,

Steve Burt and Kevin Carr

Shrine Grade School and Academy Dads Club

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