Thomas T '63 Dodge w/push-button tranny

What Do You Expect For $45?

Shortly after getting my drivers license, I became aware that a friend's dad was getting rid of a car he had, and that he wanted only junkyard price for it. So I bought it for $45. A while after I bought it, the exhaust broke right in front of the muffler. Not having much money, I was forced to Jerry-rig it. In our garage, I found a rather thick rope that was unravelling at one end. Luckily the car was a 4-door because I could tie one of the rope to one door handle, run it under the car and the dragging muffler, pull it tight so that the muffler wouldn't drag, and tie it off on the other door handle. Since the break occurred in front of the muffler, it never got hot enough to burn the rope, although I would occasionally have to pull over and pull the rope tight. I drove that car like that for a long time before I took an empty vegetable can, cut the ends off, and cut it down the side so that I could wrap it around the exhaust pipe end and the muffler end and clamp it with a couple u-bolts..

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