John A 1972 Chrysler Imperial

Mom's Suprise

My dad was the average blue collar worker and he had a thing for Chrysler products from the 1954 red convertible to the black 1958 Imperial to the 1963 New Yorker that he bought new and decided in 1973 to give the car with 32K miles to my sister and me and look for a new car. He and my mother went out to the local Chrysler dealer and picked out a new to them 1973 brown used New Yorker and made the deal, the next night my best friend and I at the age of 16 were to drive my dad to the dealer to pick up the new car because mom didn't have a driver’s license and we wanted to see the new car anyway.

We drove in with the 63 Yorker to the dealer and the ugliest brown car was sitting there all cleaned up waiting for the new owner my dad, well my friend and I were very disappointed with the choice the car it was ugly! Over in another part of the dealership there sat this beautiful black on black used 1972 Imperial that my friend and I both spotted at the same time with the salesman standing there this 16 year old tells his father that he didn't want the ugly brown New Yorker and that he wanted that car pointing to the 72 Imperial, he looked back at me and said " your right t" so he proceeded to ask the salesman the price and to then to write it up.

We then took it for a test drive and of course had to take it home to show mom, she walks out of the house to the driveway looks at the car thinking we were bringing home the New Yorker and said " that is not the one we picked out last night is it?"

I still have the car and it needs a little work but it still runs and drives good and sill reminds me of mom and dad what a great memory keepsake.

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