Scot L 1972 Datsun 240Z 2dr Coupe

Loss leads to love

Back in high school my first car was a 1969 Buick Skylark GS. It was in rough shape, but plenty good enough for a first car. Unfortunately an October drive to Glacier National Park ended with my GS radiator deep on a telephone pole. With the hood crushed and engine seized (from driving it the 3 hours home), I jumped at the opportunity to sell it for the same price I had paid for it.

While the sale had left me financially whole I was still short a car. I roamed town looking for something to fill the void of my lost GS. There were a few contenders in my price range, a Fiat spyder and a Fiero were among them, but neither seemed right. Then one day a gentleman came into my work and said he had seen my wrecked Buick. I told him the story of the crash to which he replied," I have an old Z car if you are still looking".

Three days later I was in his back yard looking at a baby blue 1972 240Z. He had purchased it from the original owner 12 years earlier and had only put 30K miles on it. We fired it up, put the wheels on, and took her for a drive. I was smitten... apprehensively I asked what he wanted for it. Much to my relief his reply was $1000, well within my budget.

Since that day it has been a true love/ hate relationship. I joined the Navy and drove her from Montana to California without a single issue. During my 3 years in California I longed for air conditioning daily, but still enjoyed every drive. When I got out of the Navy my wife and I moved back to Montana where I continued to use her as a daily driver(even through the winter)!

I'm a little older now and the 240z is no longer a daily driver for me. I try to treat her better and when I have the extra cash I work hard to make up for past wrongs. Two thing have stayed the same though all these years though. Every drive makes me smile, and I can't help to look back at her every-time I walk away.

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