Clayton G 1929 Ford Model A 2dr Roadster

Dad's Cruiser

Before my time......I was born in 1930, Dad was dating Mom. He'd come into some inheritance money from his father's death. His Dad had succumbed to the disease that took a good part of American's including my Dad's baby sister. The car was new, light colored, and sparkling.

The part of cruising that I was told about was Mom's younger brother's ride. There was highway construction even in those hard times, and Dad took brother George across an unfinished bridge that only had the main girders in place.

(Dad had driven the 'bridge' earlier, checking as per the girders width matching the width of the Model A's tires.)

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    Clayton Vern Griffith United States June 18, 2014 at 23:48
    I read Hagerty's as often as it appears.

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