Darryl D 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 4dr Sedan

This one's for you brother

My father in 1976, was a single parent, new hire state trooper in Oklahoma raising twin teenage boys. My brother Dale and I were just turning 16, and (pup) trooper pay, wasn't going to buy us both a car. We had to take care of ourselves because he was working all of the time, and it didn't look cool, dropping us off at the high school, in the State Trooper Car! Not cool. He new this farmer that had an old 55 4door, 283, powerglide,, Belaire setting in his barn, problem solved.

He bought the black and white beast summer of 76', and life was good! Dale and I rebuilt that 55 with NAPA Auto Parts, that they carried in stock back then. We had it ready for our Sophomore year and we drove that thing all through High School. We painted it black with gold flake, redid the interior, with pioneer 8 track and 7 1/2 deck speakers. Blew up the powerglide, put in a turbo350 auto, with Hurst floor shifter and still couldn't kill that bored over 283! What a great car. We could carry half of our class in the back seat and cheerleaders in the front. Life was great.

After High school, i sold my half to Dale and I bought a 67' Fleetside Chevy P/U , with a corvette 327 motor. Life was getting better. Fast forward to 2007. My Identical twin brother passed away from a terminal illness ( God how I miss you Dale), life really sucked!!!!! Our family was broken and nothing was going to fix it, but then one day, my father called from a swap meet, at the Texas State fair and asked if I would like to rebuild another 55'.

That's exactly what we did by god! For Dale. We did a frame off. Powder coated the frame and stock suspension silver, hid the gas cap in the taillight, and even put traction bars on it. It's powered buy a matching 67' SS Impala 327/ 4-speed @ 400+ horses. We painted it a Tourmaline blue green with pearl flake( it looks black though Dale, it really does). I could go on and on, but that's not why I wrote to you all.

It's not just a car, but more of a reminder of what we all had done together, and you will never be forgotten! Bring em back to life..... enjoy

In memory of Dale D. Dutsch

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    David Allison northern virginia June 18, 2014 at 15:09
    To Dale's brother: this is one of the best car stories I've ever read and I'm not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear while reading it. God bless you and your family!

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