Dolph W 1966 spyder Duetto

A Barn Find That Wasn't

This is my 1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto. We have all heard of the stories of finding a classic car sitting in a barn somewhere. The reason I say this car was a barn find that wasn't, is because I'm the one who put the car there 25 years ago. I bought the car in 1989 and parked it in the barn until I was able to start a restoration. That turned out to be 2 years ago. I had a difficult time finding replacement body panels, but finally located them in Canada and England. The first picture shows where I cut out all of the rust, and the car is going to the sandblasters. When I got the car back I welded in the new panels, did all of the body work, and painted the car. I built the 2000cc motor with new 10/1 pistons and cylinders, a polished crank, and the head that Wes Ingram's shop in Seattle had reworked for me. The car has a new interior with new carpets and door panels. The seats were rebuilt and upholstered by a friend, using a pattern that we designed. All of the mechanical, body, and paint work was completed by me in my home garage/shop. Now that the car is finished, I enter it in car shows, and drive the Potentate of the Utah Shrine in local parades.

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